Jucken – Achtung, ansteckend!

  Unwillkürlich wandert die Hand zum Hinterkopf. Ja, da, hinter dem Ohr, da juckt‘s bereits. Schon der Anblick des Schilds „Wir haben einen Fall von Läusen“ löst bei Kindergarteneltern Juckreiz aus. Wenn sich die Erstklässlerin dann beim Aufgabeschreiben am Kopf kratzt, tanzen bereits die Läuse auf unserem Kopf – zumindest gefühlt. Dass Juckreiz tatsächlich übertragen … More Jucken – Achtung, ansteckend!

Eine Landkarte im Gehirn

Edvard Moser fand ihn unter seinen entgangenen Anrufen: den Anruf des Stockholmer Nobelpreiskommitees. Erst als er in München aus dem Flugzeug stieg, erfuhr der norwegische Forscher, dass er einer der Nobelpreisträger 2014 für Physiologie sei. Gemeinsam mit seiner Ehefrau und Ko-Gruppenleiterin May-Britt Moser und dem britisch-amerikanischen Forscher John O’Keefe, bei dem die Mosers eine kurze … More Eine Landkarte im Gehirn

Podcast Love

So, John O’Keefe, May-Britt Moser and Edvard Moser got a call from Stockholm yesterday morning. The Nobel Prize in Physiology 2014 is theirs, for the discovery of “the brain’s GPS”, as many like to call it. If you’d like to hear the Mosers themselves talk about their discovery of grid cells, and how they came … More Podcast Love

Good vibrations?

“Fit in 15 minutes” – just 15 minutes training to get the same results as in a one and a half hours of sweaty workouts – that’s one of the promises of the “vibroplate”, “powerplate” and similar gyms promoting doing exercises on a vibrating plate. “Clever in 15 minutes” might be another claim they are … More Good vibrations?

Smelly associations: flexibility in mouse odor learning through newborn neurons

You probably strongly associate your partner’s perfume with the person you love. A change in perfume can be nothing less than disconcerting at first, but over time you become accustomed to it (unless it’s a really bad choice, then you might want to give some advice in the perfume department..). Why is it that we … More Smelly associations: flexibility in mouse odor learning through newborn neurons

Need for speed – Drosophila antennae regulate flight speed

Just relying on their eyes is not enough for the fruitfly Drosophila when zooming to that pitiful last banana on your counter. Wind-sensing antennae allow fruitflies to fly at constant speed, even when winds change. Characteristically, fruitflies straight flight bouts are punctuated by quick changes in direction. Flies tend fly straight at a constant speed, … More Need for speed – Drosophila antennae regulate flight speed

Star-crossed lovers – with a new player

Like a catastropic storm, a stroke leaves a scene of destruction in its wake. As one of the most frequent life-threatening brain disorders, stroke sufferers often face severy consequences. Recovery may be lengthy, but considering the complexity of the wiring that has been disrupted, it is remarkable that recovery can even be achieved. Researchers from … More Star-crossed lovers – with a new player